Since 1962 fragrant everyday life

The history of “Regina Bakery” is one of passion, a common dream of one family. Since 1962, our daily life has been all about flour, dough, heat, aroma and incredible flavors. Moreover, the secret of our work ethic is in the continual alternation between tradition and innovation. For more than sixty years this, combined with a true sense of craft (the way things were once done) and the most advanced studies about sourdough development and modern techniques really says everything there is to know about us.

From father to son…

With a vocation handed down from father to son, the “Regina Bakery 1962” produces bread, biscuits, pizza, and cakes (panettone and colomba) every day. Overtime, the baker’s art has become more and more perfect and complete.

Ties to the land

We were born and raised in the area known as the “Palazzine” a Pagani (‘e Pavan in local dialect). Our story starts here, in this place. Our customers have never seen us as a simple bakery, rooling out tasty bites every day, but more of a blacksmith’s forge, a crucible of ideas and creativity, a true meeting of history, love and passion.

This was opened to satisfy the ever increasing demands of production, our new premises are modern and efficient. In addition to the bread department, there are dedicated places for the creation and production of yeast baked desserts, dishes for food delivery services, snacks, pizza and last but not least patisserie.

Find out now

Not just bread and biscuits, but so much more: take a look at our traditional, rich recipes, natural, much sought after foods for your table.