“Pure Gold (Oro puro)” is a top quality flour made from 100% italian wheat at the Molino sul Clitunno (Clitunno Mill). The mill was born with the ideal of using prime materials from the Italian regio of Emilia Romagna. The mill has since developed many different types of product to suit many different types of yeast proving techniques. The flour is made exclusively from a selection of  certified wheat varieties from this region, with superior organoleptic properties, it is a semi-worked flour that holds well with new consumer trends: genuine products, good for consumers.


“Burro 1889”  from the Fiandino Farm in Piemonte is made with 100% Italian milk that comes directly from the cattle sheds here and not from varied cooperative sites. It is made from cream that has rested for 72 hours, the experience and quality of the prime materials and the vegetable rennet used by the Fiandino Farm are without equal.


“Cioccolato Domori” comes from plantations in South and Central America. Since the birth of this company in 1997, they were the first brand to use fine chocolate with “Criollo” cocoa beans, a rare and select bean.

Candied fruit

Agrimontana is a company that produces candied fruit of  the highest quality, combining traditional methods with high technology. Their aim is to transform the raw material, preserving the organoleptic properties of the fruit. They do not use artificial colour, preservatives or additives. Their product is naturally good.

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