Our dough

The our dough has been certified by the hygiene laboratory of CeSMA of the University of Naples, Federico II, to be free of preservatives and hydrogenated fats.

Our sourdough

Sourdough gives all doughs more flavor and texture, it also means bread, panettone, colomba, desserts can be kept fresher for longer. Pizza is easier to digest and due to its acidity it contains important minerals.

The master of leavened products Gaetano Giorgio

Gaetano Giorgio has extensive knowledge of our bread and sourdough. He is the creator of true masterpieces of flavor. Recipes rich in tradition are the result of his great experience, bringing natural products to our tables.

Working techniques

With the use of production techniques handed down from father to son, our aim is to respect the environment, use only biological methods and the best Italian raw materials. We don’t just have a method, we have a real philosophy.

Find out now

Not just bread and biscuits, but so much more: take a look at our traditional, rich recipes, natural, much sought after foods for your table.